Life is inscrutable, complex, multiform and during its path I have met people and places, feeling and perceiving things I could never be able to paint. How to paint a flavor or a perfume? Impossible to paint a voice or a sound…, the wind, the thunder…, the music of the water as it flows among the rocks…, the song of the birds…, the symphony of the sea… I have touched with my own the skin of the world, sensations of cold and warmth I could never be able to paint. And many dreams I could never paint… But during my life how many things and places, people, days and nights, oceans and mountains, how many flavors and perfumes, music and feelings, how many beloved skins, how many dreams I have had and felt and enjoyed while painting…!!!

My painting, measure of a great part of my own time is a bridge with the rest of the world, a link with the future and a conversation with the past. My painting has been a major exercise, an effort, a leisure and a gift , abstract and intimate love I leave behind for whoever!

This site is divided in six parts as an inventory to make sailing eaysier to the visitor. I have decided to include a special section to photography (with a Short film) for it is tool of main and constant importance for such an image devourer a being as I am. Along the site I will include with time written texts to accompany the images to say something about them that they by themselves cannot express. The site is built in four languages that can be changed from one to another anytime by just a “clic”. One caracteristic of this project is the permanent evolution. The section of “Contacts” is for those who want to communicate with the author. Paintings flow as in a film and you just select the work you want to see in full details and with the technical information. The dimension of the works are given in centimeters and the vertical one is always the first. Titles are often a pure excersise of inventory purpose and some others a poetical intuition. The place shown in the technical information is where the work was excecuted and sometimes there are several for the work traveled with me so documenting my own itinerary. Some of the photographs are of low quality due to the circumstances in which they were taken or the age and state of the negatives and it is superfluous to say that only a small number of my work is represented in this site. The poster section is dedicated mainly to the Presidential campaign of Colombia in 2010 for the Green Party which I supported and to the cover of some books in progress. The section of photography is mostly dedicated to my digital archive. The analogical convertion is in progress as well and it will appear slowly.

Even though the copyrights belong entirely to me it is possible to unload any image and I only ask you to treat it well and to give me credit when necesary as a form of respect to the author’s effort.

Thanks and have a good vision…!