This is mainly a visual biography. About things that don’t show in the pictures I tell you I was born in the glorious decade of the sixties, the sixth of seven children. My parents moved from Medellín, their native city, to Bogotá, the capital of Colombia with all the bunch of boys and two months later, on a 17th of May, I was born.

The memories are so many and hunt me down, mix of joy and pain, of racket full of people and interior solitude. All of it gathers and overlap: the regional origin that we carry as a life tatoo, the childhood and puberty in Bogotá, the many trips to “Tierra Caliente”, hot land, to the river, the lake, the sea, the woods, the mountain…, water, green, wind and sun where I was happy.

Colombia was then the present that wrapped me around physically; the real people. The Global world, the one abroad was a far away dream to conquer. Endless readings and thurst for Art were constant compagnions..., and the spirit flew!... To go from kid to man had its traumas but leaving my home and country behind invigorated my wings. When I came to live in europe during the early eighties all that luggage mixed together; In Frankfurt first and Italy after, always with the art’ studio on my back, the laboratory of colors and brushes that has given a particular sense to my life…, until Love, the “supreme power” brought me to Paris, the city where I live, where I rooted my family, where I feel fine…

Behind every painting there is a lot of circumstances and the work itself is a map of the decisions made. Objects, states of mind, people, dreams, weather changes, landscapes... all can be part of a work of art as it is part of life for the work of art is life and in my case it is cyclic and as the past, it returns…

The topics I love and persue me do not extinguish in a season, they return again filtered by other experiences, by other thoughts. My work reflects me as a portrait does and therefore it cannot be the repetition of a pattern, of a found formula because I am not that way. If the adventure of Art didn’t show me new questions or offer me new challenges it would bore me. Every painting, every drawing has to surprise me somehow. A have been a curious man and exploration is in my nature. Fashion and success could give something but cannot change my nature. I would stop being me. All what surrounds me in time and space is part of my “total landscape” and I enjoy or suffer such circumstance and I transform it to my will. In any case the whole process has to go through my senses and has to please me. Absolut Pleasure, as in the Couple’s Love, would always be the final goal. Absolute pleasure of living.

In this site I offer you a biography in commented images avoiding those biographies based on dates of exhibitions, publications and prices so many artists love but which say so little to me. I have prefered this colection of non chronological windows with topics chosen by chance for it has been of more importance to me the moment of creation than those of exhibition, although a folder dedicated to my shows around the globe is a thing I will consider doing in some future.

This is an album of more intimate moments, sometimes in joy or in pain, in the solitary studio of the artist, the “atelier” that thanks to this wonderful system I can share with all of you.